The Science / Art Network (ScAN) facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration between the science and arts, to foster an appreciation for the aesthetic value of, and the value of aesthetics in, science. We encourage you to explore, create, and learn through our open-source digital Library and Gallery of science/art content.


Scientific organisations and the general public can contribute content to the ScAN Library. This content includes any scientific imagery, audio, or video with aesthetic value.  We welcome human imaging (MRI, X-Rays, ultrasounds etc.), biological imaging, engineering drawings, maps, glitches, and code.

The content itself does not need to be ‘a piece of art’; rather, it should have the potential to be transformed into or inspire art. All images in the Library can be downloaded, and we encourage all people to remix, transform, and build upon the material.

Any identifying features are removed from the content before being uploaded to the Library. Informed consent is obtained by the general public before submitting content to the Library. 


Content can be downloaded from the [ScAN Library] for any non-commercial purpose. We invite artists of all mediums to use, remix, transform, or simply be inspired by content in the Library. We encourage artists to share their creations in the Gallery, a digital exhibition space for artwork created with, or inspired by, content from the ScAN Library.


We strongly encourage teachers, students, researchers, and academics to use Library as a resource for education and science engagement.