Meta-Musical Field

Every strummed chord transmutes

the senses into an electrochemical torrent.

The spark begins, and the sense of self

and body subsume into a haze.

A coalescing begins to unfurl,

blurring within and without.

The body's aglow, hovers

into the meta-musical field,

scintillating with charged intent.

The spark swells from the viscera,

up the spinal meridian,

and emerges from the shoulders,

bursting like a fusillade of falcons,

singing in color and molten light,

or a battalion of angels

conjuring structures out of space,

drawn with solemn ink,

or rejoiced in insect ecstasy

with the pulse of celestial bodies

to form the arc between

the beginning of time

with time's end, and the inner

heart within the heart

becomes the outermost nodes

on the arc of the infinite

from the florid essence

of my being.